Intricate Embellishments and Motifs

Corum’s attention to detail is evident in its use of unique embellishments and motifs. For instance, the Bubble XL series features bubble-like numerals and hands, while the Bubble XL Swiss Flag model proudly displays a red Swiss flag dial. Additionally, Corum’s innovative use of diamonds sets it apart. While manyonline platform for luxury watches online buy luxury brands use diamonds, Corum’s distinctive placement and design make their watches truly one-of-a-kind. According to diamond-studded watches have seen a 20% increase in market value, highlighting the growing demand for such unique timepieces.

Unisex Watch Models

Corum breaks the mold by offering a range of unisex watch models. Unlike many luxury brands that produce distinct men’s and women’s styles, Corum creates designs that appeal to both genders. This inclusive approach is particularly appealing in today’s market, where gender-neutral fashion is gaining traction

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