Although many people still associate hypnosis with evil or unearthly movie characters. They also see it as stage entertainment, people clucking chickens and acting strangely for the amuzment of others, it does have other, much more beneficial, uses.

As a psychological tool self hypnosis is incredible. It is used throughout the world in clinical Michael Emery
Michael J. Emery

situations and has become a huge industry as a personal development tool.

The state of self hypnosis is not new, strange or even artificial. It is completely natural. While in a state of self hypnosis you do not lose consciousness nor awareness. It is more like having a daydream or being detached from what is happening. You feel like an observer rather than a participator in the whole process.

While under the influence of self hypnosis you are highly suggestible. It is thought that about 1 in every 5 people are so suggestible that they will totally immerse themselves in the experience and these are the very entertaining subjects of stage hypnotism. However, everyone is suggestible to some degree while under the influence of self hypnosis even more so than during a hypnotic show because you have chosen to enter the trance desiring to enter a suggestible state.

Self hypnosis induces a very deep state of relaxation unlike anything else due to its ability to make you detach from your problems, the world and a certain degree of responsibility. For this reason it is popularly used to reduce pain, remove stress as an aesthetic during surgery.

The mechanism of self hypnosis is not known even after many years of research but its effectiveness is very well known. Just why self hypnosis is so powerful, or why it works at all, is unknown. However, it does appear to induce a form of dissociation and allow direct communications with unconscious parts of the mind. This gives easy access to past memories and their emotional ties and also allows for the discovery of unconscious desires, fears and beliefs.

The conscious mind, with its faculty for reasoning and questioning, is bypassed during self hypnosis and this allows any suggestions to be implanted.

This is the very reason self hypnosis has become so popular in the self improvement movement. By first discovering and then disassociating from any negative beliefs or thought patterns, any goal, success vision or belief can be implanted directly into the subconscious mind. As the conscious mind is subdued during the self hypnosis sessions any suggestions given are accepted without any critical analysis and thus passed on directly to the subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind cannot analyse any suggestion it just accepts as fact what it is being told and incorporates it into the listener’s belief system.

This is one reason that some people believe hypnosis is dangerous if you used for selfish means. While I feel that any moral or value system cannot be tampered with using hypnosis these people do make some valid points. An uns

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