Not everyone knows this. Soil or geotechnical testing is essential before construction can continue. And, we don’t just talk about the soil on top of the ground. We are talking about the soil deep underneath the ground as well.

There are some construction sites that couldn’t continue because the soil wasn’t correct for a building project. It is interesting to know that before you can start building your home on the land that you just to bought, you need to do a soil test beforehand. You even might find out that building there isn’t legit or recommended.

Needs to be done by a professional soil tester

The geotechnical engineering consultants that are handling the construction and the project can do the soil testing. This is a soil experienced person that is doing the testing.

Geotechnical engineering professionals have the experience and qualifications to do soil testing and to decide through the soil if the location is safe to construct. Especially, when a double level building is built. There are also special tools needed in order for the professional to go deep down the ground. To ensure that they test the ground underneath the surface as well. This is the most essential part of soil testing. The soil that we can’t see.

These are three of the soil tests that need to be done before you can start the construction process.

Water content test

How much water is in the soil? The more water there is in the soil, the more dangerous the construction might become. Soil that contains high moisture content, normally means that there is an underground water fountain someone close by.

And, if this is going to rain a lot, the underground water fountain might overflow and cause water damage to the foundation and to the walls of the home. We all know that black mold can be dangerous to everyone’s health. Especially to babies, toddlers and to elderly people.

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