After another security hole recently surfaced in Microsoft’s
Windows operating system, the software giant released a
patch this past Friday to plug the possibly devastating
“back door” which allows hackers to potentially seize
control of any pc running Windows.

The latest threat, “Download.Ject,” infiltrates s  https://FallsViewsCasino.comcomputers
after users surfing with Microsoft’s “Internet Explorer” web
browser visit websites infected with the virus.

This newest security patch covers Windows XP, 2000, and
Windows Server 2003.

Several factors make this latest development more disturbing
than past discoveries of security problems with Internet
Explorer, currently the most dominant web browser on the

First, it demonstrates very clearly that criminals
discovered they can use the power of viruses to very
profitably steal important bank, personal, and credit data
from people on a large scale.

Second, it took Microsoft what many would consider a very
long time to come up with a patch for this problem.

Before a fix appeared, Microsoft told everyone who uses
Internet Explorer to stick their finger in the dyke by
putting their web browser security settings on high,
rendering it impossible to view or use features on many
websites and web-based services.

Third, expect this to happen again as new holes open in the

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