Auto responders are invaluable to modern business.
In themselves, they are no more than fancy e-mail addresses;
They look similar but are exceptionally brilliant in a twenty-four hour, all year round, context. There are many to choose from, differing in price and functionality/features.

Impressive ones do the following: First name capture, Second name, Address.capture, or just about anything that they are set to do.

For example, if you had information about “christmas pudding”, an account can be set up to
deliver that info, to the autoresponder mailer. The sender will be instantly gratified when they recieve the requested info. complete with their name, magically “plucked” by a piece of software. The moment of interest is not lost to some other distraction which is a consequence of modern life. Credibility is maintained and a feel of professionalism is ensured.

To further stimulate the experience, another account can be set-up, loaded with info. which guarantees and explains how to minimise the dishwashing duties.

Though, the above examples may seem ridiculous, it is easily possible with auto responder technology. If it was set-up, this text could be sent to million of people, or indeed martians, who sent an e-mail to
(eg. instantgratification@autorespondername ). The potential is boundless.

The loaded info. can include hyperlinks to something else, like a webpage, which can dramatically reduce the amount of text, included in the info., unless selected/clicked by the recipient, thereby not overwhelming or confusing, such a recipient.
Follow-up messages can be arranged for specific intervals, between them, and for an unlimited period of time. Addresses of other autoresponders can be included in any or all of these messages, which is beneficial to the owner/business manager, with respect to time.

Some are free, others are not, and features/options vary. It is my personal opinion that any of them are better than none, and life is easier/more efficient, since their inception. On first sight, some seem daunting or difficult to use, but are worth the effort, if you can see their time-saving potential.

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