The technology combines classroom learning with the digital learning tools and materials. It increases student participation and offers an interactive way to impart education to the teachers. Let us have a look at what benefits are offered by the infusion of education and technology.

• Technology facilitates online learning. It overcomes the limitation of physical learning, location, time and resources. Advances in technology have resulted in better communication and sharing of knowledge. The learning process is more interactive and flexible.

• Technology enables the students to access the open learning material. This material is available in public domains to anyone over the internet. With the use of electronic or e- books, digital libraries, educational videos and instructions, pod- casts, tutorials and many more, the innovative ways of learning have simplified the access to the educational resources.

• Technology promotes individual learning. Advanced technology and state of the art gadgets allow the learners to learn by themselves. They can learn at their own pace and keep a check on their mistakes. This method of self learning encourages students to discover content all by themselves.

• Technology increases the collaboration between the students and teachers. The use of technology in schools like samsung smart school has resulted in better interaction between the teachers and the students. The teachers can better assess the student participation and give individual attention to each one of them. The students also have a real time access to the courseware and discuss their doubts with fellows and teachers anytime.

• Technology makes learning an easy process. The use of flow charts, pictures, graphics, sounds and videos enhances concentration and focus. It makes the courseware interactive and interesting. This increases student engagement in a positive way.

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